Training Philosophy

Nuclear Athletes # 1 goal is injury prevention. All of our programs are scientific-based, been tested through trial and error, and personal experience. When we build strength, we are only concerned with the strength tranferring to the sport and position. Gone are the days of training athletes like Bodybuilders and Powerlifters. We strength train like athletes were meant to be trained, which includes functional strength & mobility, high tempo explosive movements, and muscle overload.

Our speed program focuses on building a strong foundation of sprint mechanics. In other words, we teach the athlete how to run. When we combine solid mechanics with strength and flexibility, the athlete will become faster.

We develop GAMERS. If our athletes don’t transfer their training to their sport, we failed them. Do not get fooled by the fancy agility drills and gadgets (parachutes, ladders, sleds, short hurdles, etc.) masqueraded as sports training. Sports require actual skill training. We have witnessed many athletes who were weight room warriors but couldn’t translate their strength to the field. They forgot that practicing their skill is just as important as the weight room. Each one of our coaches played at the college and professional level so we train our athletes like the pros. We develop a standard to be great. Anything less is unacceptable.

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