Training Philosophy

At Nuclear Athletes our main focus is sports performance. WE MAKE GAMERS.
If our athlete’s can’t transition athlete performance to the sport we failed them.


What makes us a “new species” to strength performance? We don’t believe in getting strong for a lift such as back squat or power clean. We want our athlete’s to get strong, powerful, and most importantly, apply their strength to the sport. Mobility is also vital. We believe in getting our athlete’s strong while moving.


Linear sprint mechanics are our foundation and can shave 10th to 100’s of seconds off an athlete time by itself. We understand that in order for an athlete to reach their true speed potential not only takes mechanics, but strength, power, and flexibility. So we incorporate a healthy mix of all components to build speed.

Football Position Coaching

Courage, Technique, Physicality, Effort and Confidence are the key ingredients to a successful football player no matter the size or talent. When coaching we not only focus on the physical aspect of the position, but the mental side. Being mentally tougher than your opponent gives you the edge. As far as position coaching, we have a progression system for each position. We equip our athlete’s with techniques that are familiar at all levels. For example, we teach defensive backs the backpedal and shuffle technique when covering the route. When they return to school practices their coach is teaching one of those techniques. So there isn’t much disconnect between what they are being taught at school and with us