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Winter Spring Camps/Clinics




“Bone Crushers” D-line Clinic

(HS Ages) (Feb.10, 9-Noon) ($40) (Old Settlers Park-Multipurpose field) (code-00004745)
This is the 1st series of ADVANCED position camps that we will be offering during the offseason. Tim Crowder, former UT All-American and NFL d-end/outside linebacker, is putting on an advanced D-line clinic for HS athletes only. “First and foremost, these athletes will learn that in order to be great at d-line starts with EFFORT. I coach motor. Next, I teach my d-lineman to play the run on the way to the Quarterback no matter the scheme. Getting sacks and tackles for loss starts with desire.” Tim Crowder. To add, the athlete’s will learn how to pass rush out of multiple schemes, block recognition, hand-to-hand combat, and so on.

“Grave Diggers” O-line Clinic

(HS Ages) (Feb. 17, 9-Noon) ($40) (Old Settlers Park-Cricket field)  (code-00010848)
Without a great o-line the offense can’t function. “I coach NASTY into and out of my lineman. I don’t coach satisfied. I coach destroy your block until he’s buried and why I call these guys “Grave Diggers,” Tim Crowder. After this camp these athletes will understand the amount of toughness and grit that it takes to play the position at a high level.” Tim Crowder. Some of the nuances that we will teach include zone and power man schemes, pass blocking, and the dirty little tricks that only the pros know.

“Game Breakers” WR/TE Clinic

(HS Ages) (Feb.24, 9-Noon) ($40) (Old Settlers Park-Multipurpose field) (code-00010847)
Tim Crowder is offering a WR/TE clinic for HS athletes only. Tim had D1 offers at the WR and TE positions so he knows a thing or two about the position and has coached it for several years. We will teach the nuances of each position, which includes stalk blocking, in-line blocking, route running vs man & zone coverage, press release, and footwork.

“Twitch” Program

(Speed & Plyometric), (Grade School athletes-5-12th, All Sports/Genders are welcomed.), (Start/End date: Feb.27-Apr.5th),
(Days/Week:Tues,Thurs from 5:15-6pm) (Rate: $180/athlete)  (code-00010875)
Nuclear Athletes has developed a quick “Twitch” program emphasizing speed & plyometrics. In order to get RESULTS takes time and consistent training. So this will not be your typical 1-2 day speed camp that doesn’t yield results.This will be an ongoing 6-week program twice per week. Each athlete will be taught proper form through linear sprint mechanics. Resistance training will also be incorporated to build strength. Spots will be limited for quality purposes. Practice will be held at Old Settlers park multipurpose fields.




“Grim Reapers” LB Clinic

(HS Ages) (Mar. 3rd, 9-Noon) ($40) (Old Settlers Park-Multipurpose field) (code-00010873)
The Linebacker position is very demanding because you have to be good against the run like d-lineman and great at stopping the pass like defensive backs. To add, your job is to get the entire defense lined up. So intelligence and leadership is very important. We will teach several shed block techniques versus certain blocks, zone and power run blocking schemes, as well as man and zone coverage. This camp will be advanced and for HS age athletes only.

“Ball Hawks” DB Clinic

(HS Ages) (Mar. 10th, 9-Noon) ($40) (Old Settlers Park-Multipurpose field) (code-00010874)
In today’s schemes we are in the process of building 5-tool defensive backs. They must be able to play the run, cover the outside receiver and slot in man or zone, as well as play multiple positions in the secondary. We are not only going to teach the physical side of the position but the mental side. Defensive backs must have supreme confidence in their ability, short memory, and SWAG.

“Trenches” OL/DL Camp

(MS Ages) (Mar.24, 25th, 9-Noon) ($70/athlete) (Multipurpose fields) (code-00010876)
This is the 1st series of our 2 position DEVELOPMENT camp for middle school athletes. This camp will be for Offensive and Defensive lineman. At this age it is crucial for the athlete’s to know how to play on both sides of the ball. Playing both ways will help them down the road at the high school level and beyond. They will develop a deeper understanding of the game and increase their value to the team.

“Playmakers” WR/DB Camp

(MS Ages) (Mar.31-9-1pm) ($70) (Old Settlers Park-Multipurpose field) (code-00010877)
This will be our second 2 position development camp for middle school athletes. This time will be working with Wide receivers and defensive backs. The 1st half of practice will be at Defensive back and the 2nd half at Wide receiver. They will be taught stance, route recognition, route running, man coverage and press release technique, and so on.



Nuclear Athletes has created it’s first ever SAP (Skill, Agility, Plyometrics) Camp for youth age athletes. At this age it is critical for athlete’s to learn how to move in preparation for all sports by continuing to develop their motor skills. We will focus on start/stop ability, landing, body control, change of direction, and so on. All of our camps are built on quality so spots will be limited. Camps will be held at Old Settlers park multipurpose fields. Please register through roundrockrecreation.com. (All Sports/Genders are welcomed.)

  • SAP Camp pt.1 (Ages 6-10) (Apr.7th, 9-Noon) ($35) (code-00004743)
  • SAP camp pt.2 (Ages 6-10) (Apr. 14th,9-Noon) ($35) (code-00004746)
  • SAP camp pt.3 (Ages 6-10) Apr. 21st, 9-Noon) ($35) (code-00004744)




Nuclear Athletes is a firm believer in football athletes playing both ways at an early age. Training in this philosophy builds a smart, valuable and athletic football player. These camps will be intense, technique driven, but fun. Quality is #1 priority in all of our camps so spots will be limited.

  • “Trenches” OL/DL Camp (Grades-5-8th) (June-9,10th, 9-Noon) ($70) (code-00011154)
  • “Playmakers” WR/DB Camp (Grades 5-8th) (June 16,17th, 9-Noon) ($70) (code-00011155)




  • “Go-Getters” LB/DB Camp (Grades 5-8th) (July 7,8th, 9-Noon) ($70) (code-00011156)


*** All camps/clinics please sign up through WWW. ROUNDROCKERECREATION.COM (type in code below to find camp)
*** All camps/clinics will be held at Old Settlers park (Multipurpose field-next to Tennis court) (Cricket field-next to pavilion & playground behind Dell Diamond baseball stadium)