Nuclear Athletes is bringing the 1st ever CENTEX ELITE 8v8 FOOTBALL LEAGUE for middle and high school athletes.


Do you dream of football where Quarterbacks are allowed to run, Lineman get to play, and Defenses are allowed to blitz? Welcome to the revolutionary Centex 8v8 Football League for middle and high school athletes. This league will prepare you for REAL football. Gather you team and register today! Note: This is a NO CONTACT league.

Please email us at nuclearathletes@yahoo.com to register your team before the deadline.

***DEADLINE!!! JUNE 1, 2018***

*D1:  -HS (JV/Varsity 10-12th) Wednesdays:  June 13, 20, 27, July 11th
*D2:  -HS (Freshmen) Thursdays: June 14, 21, 28, July 12th
*D3:  -MS ( 7th-8th ) Sundays: June 10, 17, 24, July 8, 15th
***Dates subject to change due to weather or field conditions.***
LOCATION:  Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, TX (Multipurpose North, east of tennis courts)

ENTRY FEE:  $350/Team (10-20 athletes) (no individual signup) (Each athlete will pay roughly in between $17-$35 depending on team size).


**You will need a team name (ex.Round Rock high-Varsity), coaches (1-2/team) and 10-20 athletes
***We recommend athletes from the same schools play on the same teams in order to practice school schemes and team building.



  1. Teams are permitted 2 coaches on sidelines during games. During registration teams are required to list 2 “Secondary” Coaches.
  2. Attire: We recommend teams wear their school athletic gear. Teams MUST wear same shirt colors with contrasting shorts (without pockets). Jerseys are not required. If a team wants to wear jerseys they are allowed. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  3. Teams MUST bring their own footballs. ***Football sizes: (D1 & D2-HS regulation, D3-MS has the choice of MS or HS regulation)



  1. 8 players on offense versus 8 players on defense. Only Pass. Teams are allowed to pass out of back field.
  2. Field dimensions: 50yds (long) x 53 ½ (width). Endzone-10yds. 2x15yd markers.
  3. Game time: 35 min total. Two, 15min halves. 5 Min Halftime break. If penalty, clock stops. If ball goes out of bounds clock continues.
  4. Attire: As covered in team responsibilities, teams are allowed to wear jerseys or school attire. Only shorts without pockets are allowed. Shirts must be tucked in at all times. ***No loose jewelry (no necklaces, bracelets).NO METAL CLEATS. Only rubber or plastic cleats are allowed. Athlete will not participate if they do not abide by attire rules.
  5. Positions: Offense (QB, OL (3 total on field at a time), RB, WR, TE). Defense (DL (Up to 2-3 total on field at a time, LB, DB). No Kickers, Punters which means no kicking or punting.
  6. Player Captains: 2/Team
  7. Referee: One referee per game. Referee’s have supreme authority and controller of game. They are responsible for play clock (30sec), game clock, and keeping score.
  8. Score: Touchdown = 6 points. Extra point (No Field Goals)=1 point
  9. Overtime: Captains will come back out to midfield for “Rock, Paper, Scissors” game to determine who receives or defer. Overtime will consist of only 2 series, if necessary. Each team will have 2 downs to score. Ball will be spotted at 15yd line. Same play clock rules apply.  No extra point after touchdown. If both teams score after 1st series, the 2nd series will resume. If score is tied after 2 series the game will end in a tie.

NO CONTACT: Defense is responsible for avoiding contact. No shoving, pushing, bumping. Look over personal foul rules in penalty section.


Teams will have 5-10min to warmup before game start time. During this period coaches will meet with referee’s to quickly discuss rules and ask questions. Coaches are in charge of their team attire, equipment, or equipment malfunctions.


  1. Team captains will meet at middle of field to determine who receives or defer to 2nd half. One game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” will decide.
  2. Offense start game on their own 2yd line.
  3. 1st downs: Offense has 4 plays to reach 1st down (15yd marker). There will be 2, 15yd markers.
  4. Touchdown: 6pts. Extra point, 1pt. Offense will always start on 2yd line after touchdown.
  5. Turnover: Defense can advance after a turnover (interception only). If defense scores off turnover, opposing team offense will receive ball on 2yd line. If defense fails to score, THEIR offense will receive ball where play was whistled dead.
  6. Fumbles: All fumbles will be whistled dead. A muffed snap is not a fumble/dead ball and play continues.


  1. .Offensive line: There must be 3 lineman on line of scrimmage pre-snap (Center/Guard/Guard or Center/Tackle/Tackle). Lineman are not allowed to release for Pass. Guards or Tackles can only “Kickslide or Shuffle block” with hands behind their back. Center’s can only use hands to snap ball. After snapping they must “Backward duck walk/Shimmey” for pass blocking. These techniques will further develop the lineman in pass blocking since they are the exact techniques they use at school. Keeping the hands behind the back will teach staying in balance, moving feet, and not lunging. ***No run blocking or pulling***
  2. Quarterbacks: Quarterback rules are very game like. QB’s are allowed to run once ball is snapped. There will be no 4 second “grace period” to throw. Once ball is snapped defense can rush. QB’s will have to make quick decisions, buy time, react to pressure.
  3. Running Backs are only involved in the pass game. Running backs can act as an extra blocker (no hands) in the pass game and then release as an eligible receiver. RB’s can align in traditional back field sets (I-formation, I-near, I-far, Off-set, Pistol). Run/Pass option (RPO) fakes are allowed. ***No designed runs inside or outside the tackle box (3yds outside).
  4. Wide Receivers/Tight End are the exact same in this league. They must align outside the tackle box. 3Yds outside of tackle. ***Look at Defensive back section for their rules and techniques.
  5. Specialty Run Play: Only runs allowed behind the line of scrimmage are reverses from Wide Receivers.
  6. Specialty Pass Play: Reverse throwback pass to QB is allowed. No Halfback toss pass allowed.


  1. Defense is only allowed to send up to 3 rushers in a single play.
  2. Defensive Line: If rushing, can only “Avoid” rush, meaning run around offensive lineman. D-line will not be allowed to use hand techniques to rush. D-line can also drop in coverage similar to a real game. Look over personal foul penalties.
  3. Linebacker: If rushing or blitzing, must “Avoid” rush like d-lineman. No use of hands to get by lineman. In pass coverage same technique as defensive backs apply. No bumping or shoving receivers or back. This will teach LB’s to be patient and slide their feet. Look over personal foul penalties.
  4. Defensive Back: Defensive backs are allowed to play “Mudder” man technique, meaning 1yd off Wide Receiver in normal press man position. No use of hands to re-route receiver. Defensive backs must stay square and re-route with their body positioning. If blitzing, must “avoid” rush. Look over personal foul penalties.


  1. Delay of Game: Offense will have 30sec before starting play. Referee will shout out a 5 second warning. If team is penalized it will result in a 5yd loss. Two penalties in same possession will result in loss of down. A third penalty in same possession will result in a turnover. Offense receives ball at spot of foul.
  2. Defensive Pass Interference: Automatic 1st down & spot foul up to 10yds.
  3. Offensive Pass Interference: 10yd penalty. Interception may be returned. No blocking during interception. Teammate can only trail in case of a backward pass.
  4. Personal Foul: Defense is responsible for avoiding contact. No shoving, pushing, or bumping.-1st offense: Personal foul committed by DEFENSE will result in a 10yd gain tacked on at end of play. If offense is within 10yds of goalline at spot of foul,  they will receive ball on 1yd line.-2nd offense: If the personal foul is deemed flagrant, the athlete will be disqualified from game.-3rd offense: If team receives multiple (up to 3) personal fouls in single game they will disqualified from game resulting in a forfeit. The league will rule whether they are banned from league.