Q: How is NUCLEAR ATHLETES different from other training companies?

A: We are not your typical generic facility type training that groups all athletes together, without focusing on each individual. All our athletes see results and we monitor progress. Each athlete has an extensive evaluation so that we can tailor an individualized plan for results. Nuclear Athletes will be your personal coach to make sure you will succeed on and off the field.

Q: Where does NUCLEAR ATHLETES do most of their training?

A: Most of our training is done using the Round Rock Parks and Recreation facilities. Our main training location is Old Settler’s Park in Round Rock. Occasionally, should weather be an issue, we meet at the Clay Madison Recreation center.

Q: How big are your training group sizes?

A:  The program and type of training determines group size.  For example, our football athletes train in smaller groups to allow us to coach them in their positions.  When we want to increase competition or mimic more game time play, we allow more into the training session.  In our Speed and Strength programs the cutoff limit is 12 athletes per group. We are about quality and individualized training.

Q: Will my athlete be working directly with Tim Crowder?

A: Tim designs and oversees all programs. He and his assistants will conduct the training sessions.

Q: When are your football camps and how can I sign up?

A: Please see our Upcoming Camps page for all camp dates.

Q: Does NUCLEAR ATHLETES offer adult fitness like a normal gym?

A: Our elite and unique type of training is geared toward top athletes. Therefore, we do not offer adult fitness.

Q: Why does Tim Crowder have an old cell phone? Is he that “old school”?

A: Yes! Tim likes to keep it simple. This is the same guy who drove a 2003 Chevy Malibu to work everyday in the NFL, while his teammates were in the Range Rovers & Escalades. He values direct relationships with people and likes old fashioned hard work. So yes, he chooses not to own a smartphone.  We guarantee you will not find another Tim Crowder, as you will not find a training company better than NUCLEAR ATHLETES.