We have made training more convenient for our athletes since we can offer speed, strength, and position coaching all in one. All of our programs have been designed for athletes who play sports. We only coach privately and in small groups so you will get quality coaching. We take into consideration MS and HS off-season programs by working with and around them. If you look at our competitors rates compared to our rates and what we are offering, you are getting a bargain with us!

Lets look at average rates in the Austin/surrounding area….

Private Speed coach: –$40+/hour.

Strength/Conditioning coach: -$20-$50+/hr. (depends on group size or private session)

Football Position coach:  -$50+/hr.(Most training companies in area don’t offer this)

Total est. $110-$140  *For one session of all the above!

NOW, lets look at what options you have when you choose NUCLEAR ATHLETES!