Football Programs


Football is a sport that teaches many life lessons. It teaches leadership, accountability, discipline, sacrificing for the good of the team, and so on. We want our athletes to not only win on the football field, but the field of life. Since we are a private-based company we are about improving the individual in order to help their team.

Position breakdown:

Quarterback: You must WANT to play the position. You must WANT to be the “Star.” Improvisation is vital in playing the position. Accuracy overrules arm talent. We teach you how to be accurate through mechanics/footwork, timing, anticipation, and training your eyes. We also teach the mental side in reading defenses.

Wide Receiver: If you believe that you are covered this position is not for you. Your mindset is, “I am always open.” We teach hand/eye coordination, blocking, the ART of route running vs Man & Zone coverages, etc.

Running Back: Due to the brutality of the position running backs are becoming devalued. We train our Backs to be diversified, meaning running routes not only out of the back field but split out, catching and blocking.

Tight Ends: This position is becoming more popular than the past due to the match up nightmares. We teach versatility, as in being able to run routes out of the traditional 3pt. stance or splitting out to the Receiver position, hand-eye coordination/catching, and blocking.

O-Line: Today’s offenses are predominately pass or run, resulting in lineman missing on some of the technical intricacies of the position. We stress proper stance & steps (zone and power run blocking), pass blocking (kick-set, kickslide), hand placement, and overall NASTY. We expect you to get your blocks. Let’s take it a step further and destroy the block.

D-line: Can you create havoc and be relentless, EVERY REP. We emphasize stance & ball get off (BGO), hand placement, block recognition, and pass rush out of different schemes and alignments.

Linebacker: Are you instinctive. Are you the leader of the defense. Are you a tackling machine. We are going to teach you how to play linebacker in your scheme. There is a technique difference between a 4-3 middle backer and 3-4 outside backer. Universal teachings will include shed blocks, block key, zone drops, and man coverage.

Defensive Back: Are you a competitor. Don’t get caught up in the battle, win the war. Playing the defensive back position takes toughness, short memory, and confidence. Some techniques we coach are the backpedal & shuffle technique in off man coverage, a plethora of press man techniques, zone concepts, and overall training your eyes.


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