Grade School Off Season

The game of football is a physical & mental sport. You must possess 4 traits in order to be really good. Confidence-You must believe that you are the absolute best anytime you step onto the field. Mentality-You must have the mentality to DOMINATE whoever is in front of you. Technique-At some point everyone will be strong, fast, and big. So how do you defeat your opponent? With better technique. Effort-You must out work your opponent, which involves work ethic and desire.

We train all positions, ranging from quarterback to defensive back. All of our coaches played at the college and professional level. We know what it takes to reach those levels. What makes us different is that we not only teach the position, but the overall game of football. Another unique aspect is that we train our athletes on both sides of the ball. Practicing in this fashion will increase your value to the team, enhance your athletic ability, and overall knowledge of the game.

Small Group Training

Winter/Spring 2017

Program includes:

  • Position Coaching
  • Speed
  • Flexibility


  • 12:  $55 per session
  • 16:  $52 per session
  • 20:  $49 per session
  • 24:  $46 per session
  • 30:  $43 per session

Please call for days and times.