Grade School Football Athletes

Due to rules and limited practice time at the middle & high school levels development of skill is starting to take a back seat. Coaches main complaints are a lack of time to develop their athlete’s. So this is where we come in to help. Since we are not bounded by rules we can practice skill all offseason. We don’t have to worry about a depth chart, getting a team prepared for a game, or teaching educational classes. Our focus is solely on the individual and their needs for football. Thus, we designed an offseason and summer program for grade school athletes. These programs focus on skill, speed, plyometrics, and so on.

Winter/Spring 2018

Football Grade School Off-season Program -Small Group
(6:1 athlete/coach ratio)

Dates: Jan 8th, ends May 26th. (Ages-10-18)

Emphasis: Speed, Plyometrics, Position coaching, Flexibility

Training days2-3 days per week. Check out schedule in calendar tab. Each session last 1:15-1:30hr

Positions: Offense: QB, RB, WR, TE, OL.  Defense: DL, LB, DB

Rate Options:

  • 10 sessions x $55 = $550
  • 20 sessions x $50 = $1000
  • 30 sessions x $45 = $1350
  • 40 sessions x $40 = $1600
  • Daily Rate for only 1 session =$65
  • Weekly Rate 2 days/week = $120 (2 days must be used in same week)
  • Weekly Rate 3 days/week = $165 (3 days must be used in same week)

PAYMENTS: Must be made before training sessions. Please inquire about our payment plans!

**MS (7-8th grade) & HS athletes- No strength  training due to working with & around the MS and HS off-season strength & conditioning programs. We are adamant on athletes not overtraining.
**During spring ball we recommend HS athletes take a break from training for recovery purposes.
**Re-evaluations: We will re-evaluate after each 8wks.
**Sessions expire on May 26th. If you sign up for 20 or more sessions, 4 unused sessions will be allowed to rollover to summer or next off-season.