NFL Off Season Program

Program Emphasis:

• Speed & Agility
• Strength & Conditioning
• Position Specific Coaching
• Flexibility
• Pre-habilitation Injury Prevention

Being a former NFL player, Tim understands the demands and rigors of the NFL. Staying healthy in this business is critical to performance and job security. Therefore, we make injury prevention first priority in our program.

Each athlete is taken through an extensive evaluation focusing on symmetry, muscle strength, body fat, as well as flexibility and balance.

Our speed & strength program is cutting edge and innovative. The strength program is science-based, stresses variety for muscle stimulation, growth, and explosive moments. Our speed enhancement focuses on sprint mechanics. Each athlete will be taught how to run efficiently and without wasted motion.

We understand football requires an immense amount of skill in order for strength and speed to transfer onto the field. Nothing in the weight room or agility cone drills can mimic that. Therefore, we have designed our program to include skill training as well. We incorporate “Football Days” where we only focus on position skill training. This is one of the things that makes Nuclear Athletes different from everyone else.



Please contact us for rates and training times.